The Bad Boy of Permaculture Paul Wheaton Discusses Empowering Ways of Living on UNIFY RADIO

UNIFY RADIO is excited to bring you this funny and engaging interview with PAUL WHEATON known by many as the “Bad Boy of Permaculture!” Paul just knows how to be real and we can all be real as well as take some of Paul’s super easy and very powerful tips on ways to improve our lives while making BIG changes to our environment in a positive way. Paul will be joining us at UNIFY FEST to be part of a main-stage Panel on Community Building as well as sharing his “Top Twelve Bricks to Build a Better World” keynote presentation! Paul’s got over 290 podcasts available to us online and a highly informational and well-maintained forum on where you can go to learn more each day!  And for now… get ready for this fun and wild ride with motivating Permie Guru, Paul Wheaton!!

UNIFY FEST is a next-level paradigm shifting transformational festival dedicated to unifying humanity, celebrating life, and leaving the land better than we found it! For 4-inspiring days thousands of people are invited to experience a fun and conscious music and health festival that unites, inspires, and educates each of us to live in more harmony with the planet, increase our health through high-vibrational products and education, and connect deeper to our life’s purpose while learning to live sustainably on the land and honoring the planet and all living beings. UNIFY FEST is a 4-day music festival, yoga festival, health and wellness expo, art festival, and ceremonial experience in the Land of Enchantment!

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